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We just wanted to share a little bit about ourselves, our family, and our Christian Bed and Breakfast in Cascade, CO near Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs.

We are Brian and Debbie Reynolds, a Christian family with 3 grown children that also love and serve the Lord, and we are blessed with 8 wonderful grandchildren. We love the Lord and serving Him and others through the gift of hospitality.

We discovered a number of years ago that we loved to have company, cook, entertain and be a blessing to others. We found in doing so that we ourselves were the ones being fulfilled and realized at that point it was our calling and ministry to serve others through hospitality.  We thought owning and operating a Bed and Breakfast Inn would be a wonderful way to accomplish this and began by asking the Lord if running a B&B was His calling for our lives.

After about 5 years, we realized that it truly was His calling for us and began our search. We spent about 3 years looking for just the right place, found the Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins in 2002, and fell in love with its beauty, history, and comfort.  Now we are in full swing serving our guests and we absolutely LOVE it!  We know without a doubt that this is definitely the direction that the Lord has led us and we truly love being able to serve, bless, and minister to all those who come through our doors.

We have enjoyed all of the guests we have hosted so far and feel like we have added many of them to our extended family!   We so love to welcome our guests back as friends for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and more times!

We look forward to many years of getting to know our guests and having the wonderful opportunity of passing on the blessings that we have received.  This is what is written on a plaque in our foyer that we have claimed as our "Mission Statement"...

We look forward to seeing YOU as one of our guests soon!

BLESSINGS IN CHRIST, The Reynolds Family