St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day is a day to honor the St. Patrick all over the world. I’m not too sure how much “honoring the patron saint” goes on, but it sure is a day full of fun and celebration, and of course, traditional Irish foods! Here are some of the recipes I’ve shared over the years you can enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day (and any time of the year)!

Green beverage with a whipped cream, topped with chocolate shavings and a shamrock pick
Bailey’s Mint Martini
Meat Pie with a flaky crust
Guinness Beef Pie
Minty Green Shake with whipped cream topped with sprinkles and a shamrock
Shamrock Shakes
Round loaf of sliced bread with raisins
Irish Soda Bread
Scones with currants topped with lingonberry jam and devonshire cream
Irish Soda Scones
Mashed potatoes with kale and creamy butter
Colcannon Potatoes
Salad with green spinach, mandarin oranges, pears, and feta cheese
Irish Flag Salad
chocolate brownies with a layer of minty cream
Glazed Mint Brownies

And if you’re in the Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak area, plan to have a Tea Party at the Lodge. You can find out more about Tea parties at Rocky Mountain Lodge here

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