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New Ambition

I started this blog more than a year ago and have yet to truly get it going, so I’m going to try to set a goal and get this off the ground. So what’s new at the Lodge and in our family for the past year?

Let’s see… at the business… Brian’s been working diligently at a ton of home improvement projects and the list never seems to end. He’s currently working on refinishing all the windows in the Lodge, and after working on them for the past few months, he’s about halfway done.

Debbie’s (that would be me) been working on writing a cookbook for the past 2 years and is in the final stages. I hope to have it off to the printer in April and ready for sale by this summer. Been trying to be better about writing a newsletter every quarter or so, and updating our website more often.

We’ve brainstormed about how to weather these poor economic times and stay alive in business. We’ve revamped some of our policies to offer more choices for our guests and hopefully make things a little more affordable. Brian says our “stimulus plan” is to “work harder and make less, but basically to just to make it through the storm, so to speak.

We currently have a group in the Lodge for a wedding. It is the middle of March, but they’re hoping for a sunny day tomorrow to have the wedding outside. We shall see… March is typically one of the snowiest months of the year, but we’ve been in a bit of a drought this winter and snow is not in the forecast for tomorrow.

As for our family… we had another daughter get married in December (in the Lodge). It was a beautiful day with snow flurries that made for some great pictures. Hope to get some on our weddings page in the near future. And we had another grandbaby (boy) in February. Being a grandparent is even more fun than being a parent! We are now officially empty nesters, which has it’s pros and cons.

We have a day off tomorrow and will be having some friends over for dessert and drinks. Brian’s been wanting me to make Bananas Foster so I’ll give that a whirl. If it turns out well we may add it to our menu of breakfast desserts at the Lodge and you just may be eating for your breakfast “dessert” someday. Not sure what to serve with it yet, I’ll have to do a little hunting to find out what type of dessert wine or something will go well with it.

Ok, so off I go and hope to post again in the next several days (wishful thinking), we shall see.

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