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After years of guests asking us for our recipes and if we had a cookbook, Debbie wrote her Recipe book that says Favorite Recipes Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins MORE Favorite Recipesfirst cookbook in 2008, and a second version in 2017 since the first one sold out. Our cookbook has 500 recipes in it including Breakfasts, Fruit dishes, Appetizers, Soups & Salads, Breads, Main Dishes, Veggies & Sides, Desserts galore, cookies & candies, and a bit of This & That. It also includes an e-book version so you can download it on your tablet, computer, or smart phone. You can have those recipes with you when you’re at the store and need to figure out what to make for dinner that night, look at the recipes and grab your ingredients on the go. CLICK HERE to purchase our cookbook. 

You can also purchase this cookbook directly from us while staying in our Luxury Vacation rental near Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, and Woodland Park.

In the meantime, let us tempt you with some of the recipes from our cookbook in our Recipes blog below.

And CLICK HERE to see LIVE video demonstrations for some of our recipes:

Toasted Crostini topped with melted white Gorgonzola cheese, golden caramelized onions, and sweet fig jam

Crostini with Gorgonzola, Caramelized Onions, and Fig Jam

I love appetizers, almost as much as desserts! Every holiday we have about a dozen appetizers before the main meal. These Crostini with Gorgonzola cheese, Caramelized onions, and sweet fig jam are one of my favorites. I have to confess, I actually have several favorites, this is just one of them. You can make the jam and onions ahead of time and keep them in the fridge until you are ready to assemble. Just pull…... view full recipe

Chunku Pears, Bright red cranberries, in a red cranberry and pear sauce

Pear and Cranberry Chutney

This chutney is delicious on so many things, and so easy to make! Pour it over a block of softened cream cheese or ice cream, and serve it with crackers, spread it on toast, add it to yogurt, on top of of pancakes and waffles, or on Brie in Brie en Croute. This recipe, and 499 others, can be found in our cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins' MORE Favorites Recipes" which can be purchased…... view full recipe

a pear half on white vanilla yogurt with a garnish of mint and raspberry on top, served on a china plate with grapes and leaves

Maple Poached Pears on Vanilla Yogurt

These Maple Poached Pears on a Bed of Vanilla Yogurt are so comforting on a cold day. I served them at the Bed and Breakfast we had often, and were always gone in a flash! They are easy to make and so delicious. The maple flavor in the poaching water infuses into the pears as they simmer and become tender. They are perfect as an accompaniment to any breakfast dish, and as an easy dessert.…... view full recipe

Golden Yellow Caramel Popcorn

Caramel Corn

I have been making this Caramel Corn since my children were little. We didn't celebrate Halloween when they were growing up (I know, horrors! yes, that was a pun, and I don't do them that often! haha!), but didn't want them to think it was a punishment, so we always had yummy snacks that I would make, including this Caramel Popcorn, and we would have movie night (no scary movies though, I still don't like…... view full recipe

Golden brown buttery sauce with chopped pecans

Pecan Praline Sauce

This Pecan Praline Sauce is SOOOO good., and really easy to make! I have to be careful to not eat the whole .thing by myself! I often double or triple the recipe and put them in jars and give them away as gifts during the holidays. I put it on brie in Brie en Croute, and pour it over softened cream cheese and serve with cinnamon graham crackers. Warm it up and pour it over…... view full recipe

Pecan Muffins with a crumbly streusel topping

Pumpkin Streusel Muffins

I LOVE fall baking, and especially anything pumpkin and spice! I have been making these Pumpkin Streusel Muffins for about 30 years and they are truly the BEST Pumpkin Muffins you will ever have! I got so many requests for the recipe at the Bed and Breakfast when I served them, and they are always gobbled up in no time! MAKE AHEAD TTP: You can make the dry mix ahead of time and keep it…... view full recipe

Pumpkin Spice Seasonings

Pumpkin Spice Seasoning

It seems everyone loves a good Pumpkin Spice anything come fall. You can buy pumpkin spice seasoning to put in your pies, cakes, and coffee, but you can make it yourself for a fraction of the cost and keep it in a spice jar to use year round. Here is a quick and easy recipe to make your own pumpkin spice seasoning. You're welcome! More recipes like this can be found in our cookbook “Rocky…... view full recipe

Golden thick French Toast with a a purple Lingonerry topping, whipped cream, sausage, and garnished with fruit and parsley

Lingonberry French Toast

This Lingonberry French Toast is a quick and easy breakfast dish that I made all the time at the Bed and Breakfast Inn. Guests always raved about it, and it's one of my daughter's favorite breakfast dishes. Now that she's an adult, married with 8 children, I try to make it for her on her birthday. It's convenient since she lives right next door, I just have to make enough for a crowd, which is…... view full recipe

Zucchini Bread with specs of zucchini, grated zucchini, and fresh whole zucchini

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread is one of those late summer staples, but it's not always easy to find a good recipe. I have been making this recipe since I was a teenager. I had a girlfriend that lived with her Grandma and they would grow their own vegetables, including zucchini, and this was her Grandma's recipe, which I've tweaked on just a tad. Enjoy! CLICK HERE TO SEE US MAKE THIS ZUCCHINI BREAD LIVE! This recipe, and…... view full recipe

Flaky crab meat in a breaded crust

Crab Cakes

I am not one to like fishy tasting food, but I love pretty much any seafood you put in front of me. Crab is delicious! And these Crab Cakes are fantastic! Especially if you serve them with an accompanying Cucumber-Dill Sauce (which can be found in my cookbook, link below). Here is a great recipe for Crab Cakes with Cucumber-Dill Sauce. CLICK HERE TO SEE A COOKING DEMONSTRATION ON HOW TO MAKE THESE LIVE! This…... view full recipe

Juicy oranges peaches with a golden topping and white vanilla bean ice cream

Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler is one of those late summertime favorites. I get bushes of Colorado Palisade peaches directly from the orchard and they are SO good. Not to be biased, but I have had Georgia peaches as well, and Colorado Palisade peaches are just the best, and anyone that tries them agrees. This peach cobbler is a must have with peaches. I can peaches when I get them so I make make peach dishes all year…... view full recipe

cubes of watermelon with a white coconut cream and golden brown coconut pieces, and a slice of lime

Watermelon with Coconut Cream and Toasted Coconut

Summertime is ripe with lots of mouthwatering fruit. Watermelon is one of those sweet, juicy summer fruits that all of us can't seem to get enough of. Here is a recipe for Watermelon with Coconut Cream and Toasted Coconut I made at the B&B during summer months that's easy and delicious! The combination of coconut, lime juice, and crispy toasted coconut makes it for a delicious refreshing fruit dish. Enjoy! This recipe, and 499 others,…... view full recipe

Gooey chocolate bar cookies with an oatmeal cookie crust

Chocolate Revel Bars

Gooey chocolate meets oatmeal with these decadent, rich, oatmeal, chocolatey cookies are SO good, and being a bar cookie, are easy to make! They will be devoured quickly, enjoy! And if you are staying in our Cascade Luxury Suite, you just may get these in your cookie jar 😋 CLICK HERE to watch a cooking demonstration on how to make these LIVE! This recipe, and 499 others, can be found in our cookbook "Rocky Mountain…... view full recipe

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

I have been making these cinnamon rolls for over 30 years, and my family and friends can't get enough of them. I used to bake for a coffee shop and these would fly off the shelf, and get devoured when I made them for the B&B.Enjoy! A time saver if you want them freshly baked but don't want to get up at 3:00am to make them is to make them up to the part they…... view full recipe

Crispy Golden Fried Coconut Shrimp with a yellow pina colada dipping sauce

Coconut Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp is one of those amazing seafood recipes that you just can't get enough of. Part of it is the crunchy sweet breading and and meaty shrimp, and part is the dipping sauce. I just can't get enough of either one when I have coconut shrimp. I have found just the right breading mix and not just one, but two dipping sauces to enjoy while eating this shrimp. Try either our Orange Marmalade Dipping…... view full recipe

A salad of greens, sliced red stawberries, candied nuts, white shredded cheese and drizzled with a red vinaigrette

Strawberry Spinach Salad

This salad is perfect for those summer BBQs if you want something a litlle more healthy, or as a light, cool, refreshing lunch or dinner on hot summer days or nights. The Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing and Cinnamon Glazed Pecans really makes this an extra special salad. CLICK HERE to find the recipe for the Cinnamon Glazed Pecans. This recipe, and 499 others, can be found in our cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins' MORE Favorites…... view full recipe

Pecan Pie with flaky crust

Pecan Pie

I love Pecan Pie! And this recipe is one I've been making for many years, and is a keeper! And it's a really easy pie to make. I make it along with Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie (and a few others 😀 ) over the holidays. But Pecan Pie is one of my personal favorites and I make it mostly for me (but I share 😉 ). Enjoy! CLICK HERE for the Pie Crust Recipe.…... view full recipe

Chocolate crepes with cherry pie filling and cream in between and on top, garnished with shaved chocolate curls

Chocolate Crepes

Traditional Crepes are delicious, but add some chocolate and they go up to a whole new level! These chocolate crepes are fantastic with some jam spread in the middle, or some light pillowy cream, or some fresh fruit, just try them and you will be in heaven! Enjoy! CLICK HERE to see me make these crepes LIVE! 500 more recipes like this one can be found in our cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins' MORE…... view full recipe

Fluted Crepes filled with a poached egg and runny yolk and cheese with herbs and a sliced tomato

Herbed Asiago Eggs in Fluted Crepe Cups

I LOVE crepes in any way, shape or form! When we had the Bed and Breakfast I would make this egg dish for our guests. Not only does it look pretty, but they taste SO good! A few tips about this dish: Here is the recipe for the Crepes, which can be made ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator. Just take them out and bring them to room temperature before assembling. Crack your…... view full recipe

Crepes with berries, a butter flower, and garnished with mint.


Who doesn't love crepes?! These thin, light French pancakes are so versatile. They can be made into a savory dish by filling them with eggs or veggies and topped with a sauce; or they can be sweet and topped with berries or filled with jam or cream; and can made plain or with chocolate. I will share other crepe recipes in other blog posts in the future, so check back here for links to those…... view full recipe

Cabbage salad with green cabbage, orange carrots, and spices in a white creamy sauce

Brian’s Coleslaw

My husband LOVES coleslaw, and he has become quite the food critic over the years. I guess I've spoiled him! He says often times coleslaw can be either too sweet, not wet enough, mush, no flavor, or whatever he can find to come up with. So we scoured recipes in cookbooks and over the internet and tried out many of them. He found one that was "ok, but not quite there yet", so after a…... view full recipe

Glasses of red watermelon and lemon slush with lemons, watermelon and lemons, with green and white striped straws

Lemon Watermelon Cooler

Summer months are hot! And it's so nice to have something cool and refreshing to drink. Lemonade and Watermelon are two summer staples, so why not combine them? Here's a super easy recipe to combine the two for a delicious summertime refresher. And if you want, you can add some sparkling water, seltzer water, or even spike it up a bit for the adults and add some white rum. We have gone to Manitou Springs…... view full recipe

Creamy Lemon Pie with cookie crumb curst and toppings with a lemon twist

Lemon Crunch Pie

I have been making this pie as a dessert for breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast Inn we owned for 17+ years. It was always a hit! And the best thing is it's SO easy to make! And you don't have to bake it and heat up your house during hot summer months. Just make it the day before, or at least 2 hours before you want to serve it, put it in the freezer,…... view full recipe

red sauce with specs of pepper and other spices on ribs, chicken and in a blue and white bowl

Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce

I have tried SO many different ways and spices and tweaking and have finally come up with this BBQ Sauce recipe, which we have found to be our favorite. It can also be adjusted to make it sweeter or spicier, whichever your taste buds direct you. It's easy and you can store it in the fridge for many weeks. I put mine in a squeeze bottle and the rest in a jar to have on…... view full recipe

Chicken Salad on lettuce and croissants

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is one of those great dishes that becomes a staple for a summer salad or sandwich. There is such a variety of ways you can serve this salad. Serve it over a bed of bib lettuce as a refreshing summer salad, or even a fairly healthy main entree, serve it in some whole grain bread for a sandwich, or serve it on mini croissants for a fancier sandwich and served at a tea…... view full recipe

Light and Fluffy Cream with fresh red strawberries with green leaves

Devonshire Cream

This is really a "Mock" Devonsire Cream since the cream itself doesn't come from Devon, England. But it's just as delicious, and much easier and quicker to make than Clotted Cream. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to make. I serve it with scones, and I'll use it just as I do whipped cream sometimes, try it with apple pie, you'll be hooked! The tang from the sour cream gives it a special flavor…... view full recipe

Flaky golden scones with lemon curdc devonshire cream, and fresh strawberries

Cream Scones

I went to a tea house one day with my girls when they were young and they served scones that I absolutely fell in love with. They gave every customer an index card with the recipe, and I've been making this basic scone recipe ever since. It can be easily modified by adding different ingredients such as currants, raisins, dried cranberries, dried cherries, and so much more, just be creative and add ingredients you may…... view full recipe

Jar with lemon curd next to whole and cut lemons on a blue and white tea towel

Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd is a wonderfully delicious, sweet and tart treat that has a myriad of uses. I use it primarily to go with Scones. But I also use it fill in tart shells, as a layer in between layers of cake, on top of Strawberry Shortcake, in mini puff pastry shells topped with a dollop of Devonshire Cream, and so much more. Just be creative. Whatever might sound good with a sweet and sour lemon…... view full recipe

baked eggs in a white dish with tomatoes, onions, bacon and cheese

Layered Scrambled Eggs

This easy recipe is a great way to elevate and fancy up plain scrambled eggs. It can be made in individual dishes, or in one casserole dish. It can even be made ahead of time and baked in the morning. It is very versatile. You can put whatever ingredients you like over the eggs in the casserole dish to personalize it. Try different toppings such as peppers, mushroom, onions, green chilies, asparagus, tomatoes, artichoke hearts,…... view full recipe

Golden brown slices of fresh bread

Beer Bread

This super easy recipe is a perfect bread to serve as a side dish to any savory meal such as beef stew, chicken dishes, fish, and more. It only has a few ingredients, takes less than 5 minutes to prepare, bake it, and it is SO delicious! It's also a great bread to use as toast as well. Once you taste this bread you will be hooked! And don't be afraid of the amount of…... view full recipe

Golden brown glistening rolls

Sourdough Rolls

These sourdough rolls are melt in your mouth delicious. They are easy to make and everyone will devour them. It makes a lot too. You can either feed a crows with them, or cut the recipe down to what you need, or make them in the ball form and freeze them. Here is the sourdough recipe. If you don't have the sourdough going already and need to make the sourdough from scratch, make sure to…... view full recipe

Creamy White Cheesecake with a red raspberry sauce topped with fresh strawberries, under a dark brown chocolate crust

Raspberry Ribbon Cheesecake

This decadent cheesecake is a family favorite that I have been making for years, and now my daughter makes it as well, it's one of her favorite cheesecake recipes. I make this recipe every Easter, and here and there throughout the year as well. Don't be intimidated by making your own cheesecake, they're not as hard as you might think. Just follow the recipe and take each step one at a time, and the tips,…... view full recipe

orange baby carrots with sprig of basil

Basil Baby Carrots

Carrots are rich in nutrients, and here is another way to eat those carrots that everyone will love! The addition of a little butter, brown sugar and basil make these extra special, and they're SO easy to make! This recipe, and 499 others, can be found in our Cookbook, "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins' MORE Favorite Recipes" and can be purchased at our Gift Shop. And if you need a romantic getaway, check out our…... view full recipe

Baked Ham studded with cloves, drizzed with a cranberry glaze, and granished with rosemary

Cranberry Burgundy Glazed Ham

The thing that makes this ham so delicious is the cranberry burgundy glaze that you put over the ham during the last 30 minutes, and serve along side the ham in a gravy dish. SO delicious! Everyone will want your recipe for this glaze. I make this ham for all my holidays, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It's always a hit! Enjoy! This recipe, and 499 others can be found in our Cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge…... view full recipe

Banana bread with sourdough starter and sliced bananas

Sourdough Banana Bread

Who doesn't have those bananas leftover that you don't eat before they start turning brown. This is an excellent way to use up those bananas. And adding the Sourdough Starter gives them an extra special flavor that makes this Banana Bread extra delicious! The recipe for the SOURDOUGH STARTER (click for recipe) is also found in our recipes. Enjoy!' Both of these recipes, and 498 others, can be found in our cookbook, Rocky Mountain Lodge…... view full recipe

White bubbly fermenting liquid commonly known as sourdough starter

Sourdough Starter (Sweet)

There are a few different varieties of sourdough starter. I have made two of them, the original sourdough starter, used for basic sourdough breads, and a sweet sourdough starter, which I use for making friendship bread, banana bread, pancakes, rolls, and many more goodies. I'll share the basic sweet sourdough starter recipe here, and will add links to sourdough recipes once I get those added in the future. Here's a couple things to know about…... view full recipe

A cast iron pan with beef stew and vetetables

Burgundy Beef Stew

Who doesn't love a good Beef Stew during cold wintry nights? This is our favorite beef stew recipe. You can change it up by adding pretty much any kind of veggies you want, such as peas, green beans, corn, etc. Enjoy! This recipe, and 499 others, can be found in our Cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins' MORE Favorite Recipes", which can be purchased in our Gift Shop. And if you want a getaway, don't…... view full recipe

Melted dark chocolate with strawberries, bananas and oranges slices dipped in it.

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fondue, a decadent, rich melted chocolate, with bits of fruit, cake, and other delicious morsels dipped in it make for a fabulous dessert or treat. Here's a little bit of history about Chocolate fondue. It actually didn't even come to be invented until the late 1960's at a New York restaurant in the United States by a Swiss immigrant named Konrad Egli "Konni". This was the first time someone intruded a sweet fondue, and…... view full recipe

Black fondue pot with melted cheese and dipped bread with wine and more bread and cheese in the background

Cheese Fondue

Who doesn't love Fondue?! We do! I have tried numerous fondue recipes over the years and this by far has been our favorite cheese fondue recipe. And there is so much more to dip in this rich cheese sauce other than a good bread. Try veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and carrot slices, for example. Freshly sliced apples and pears, along with some grapes are also an excellent accompaniment to this delicious cheese sauce.…... view full recipe

Round dark brown dough balls coated with chopped pecans and a bottle of bourbon whiskey in the background

Chocolate Bourbon Balls

Spiked candy balls are an easy to make festive holiday treat. And not just for holidays, but any time of year! These rich treats are so easy to make, require no cooking, and you can make them from start to finish in about 30 minutes. This recipe, and 499 others, can be found in our cookbook, "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins MORE Favorite Recipes", which can be purchased at our GIFT SHOP. The cookbook also…... view full recipe

moist layered cookies with a graham cracker crust, an Irish cream layer, coconut and pecans

Bailey’s Magic Cookie Bars

These one pan Bailey's Magic Cookie Bars, also known as Irish Cream Magic Cookie Bars, are easy to make and are rich and delicious. They're great for an adult party and sure to be a hit! This recipe, and 499 others, can be found in our cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins MORE Favorite Recipes" and can be purchased at our GIFT SHOP.... view full recipe

Snowflake shaped thick sugar cookies with white frosting, blue sprinkles, and blue candies

Sugar Cookies

I have been on the hunt for a few years now for a good, thick sugar cookie, and this is the best recipe I have found. They are tender and delicious and hold up to royal icing and this buttercream frosting, which is what I used to frost these snowflake cookies. Having 15 grandchildren, and running my own business, I don't have lots of time anymore for decorating cookies with royal icing, and buttercream frosting…... view full recipe

Bowl of white frosting with butter and vanilla extracts, and some butter

Buttercream Frosting

Buttercream Frosting is a staple for any baker. It's used to frost cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and to decorate the same items as well. I have been making this buttercream frosting for more than 30 years. Every time I make a cake I get the best compliments on how delicious the frosting is! The trick is in using the right ingredients. This truly is THE BEST Buttercream Frosting you will ever come across! I'm sorry these…... view full recipe

Round orange cookies cracked with a cracked cinnamon topping

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

If you love snickerdoodles, and pumpkin, you will be in heaven with these cookies as it combines both of those two favorites! These are perfect for fall, or winter, as pumpkin is a seasonal stable throughout the holidays, and year round. Enjoy! And if you are staying in our Cascade Luxury Suite at Rocky Mountain Lodge during the fall or winter, you just may get these in your cookie jar! This recipe, and 499 others,…... view full recipe

Round golden disc of buttery cookies cut into wedges with criss-cross edges

Scottish Shortbread

These buttery melt in your mouth cookies are a traditional cookie that I make every time I host a tea party. I have also made them for cookie exchanges as well. They are easy to make, only use a few ingredients, and are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee. Enjoy! This recipe and 499 others can be found in our cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins MORE Favorite Recipes", which can…... view full recipe

Round nutty cookies with cut out in the middle filled with a reddish purple jam, sprinkled with powdered sugar

Linzer Cookies

These Austrian delicacies are a treat anytime of the year, but especially during the holidays. They are a nutty sandwich cookie filled with jam and absolutely delightful. Not only are they a beautiful cookie, but delicious as well! Enjoy! And if you are staying with us in our Cascade Luxury Suite at Rocky Mountain Lodge you just may get these in your cookie jar 😃 And for other recipes like these, including breakfast dishes, appetizers,…... view full recipe

Square bar cookies with golden crumble crust and red filling adorned with cranberries and oranges

Cranberry-Orange Bars

These seasonal bars are perfect during the holidays. They're not just a beautiful cookie, but have great flavor and will be a hit every time you make them. Plus, being a bar cookie makes them easier to make a lot all at once. Enjoy! And if you are staying in our Cascade Luxury Suite at the Lodge you just may get these in your cookie jar during the holiday season! This recipe, and 499 others,…... view full recipe

Flaky layers of thin, golden dough with finely chopped nuts and a shimmering sauce


Baklava is one of those desserts that are a special treat. They are rich and decadent, and full of ooey gooey goodness. I've been making these for several years, and they are a great gift at Christmas time. They are tedious and time consuming to make, which makes them even more special. But if you are brave enough to take on the challenge, it will be totally worth it, and you will be the envy…... view full recipe

Pecans coated with sugar and cinnamon

Cinnamon Glazed Pecans

I have been making these sugared pecans since my kids were little. They were a favorite with everyone, especially my son. I would have to ration them and put out just a small bowl at a time or they would all be gone in less than an hour if I didn't. They are still a favorite, and so easy to make! I always make them over the Christmas holiday and put them in this cute…... view full recipe

Gooey Cookie Bars with white frosting and crushed peppermint on top

Peppermint Cookie Bars

These cookies are more of a cross between a cookie and a chewy candy, and are so delicious. Not only are they easy to make and delicious, but they are also a very pretty cookie with the crushed peppermint candies on top, making them quite festive! Enjoy! And if you are staying in our Cascade Luxury Suite during the holidays you may just get these in your cookie jar! This recipe, and 499 others can…... view full recipe

Buttery Shortbread Cookies with a filling of red raspberry jam and drizzled with white cing

Raspberry-Almond Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies

This melt in your mouth cookie is one of our entire family's favorite cookies. I always make them during the holidays and they disappear within a day. I also make them for tea parties as they are pretty cookies and look great on a platter! You can substitute the raspberry jam with any flavor jam you like. And if you don't like the almond flavoring, substitute vanilla extract instead. These are versatile and extremely easy…... view full recipe

Deep yellow pumpkin cinnamon rolls with brown spicy icing

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Caramel Frosting

Everyone in my family, and many of my friends, absolutely love my cinnamon rolls. But these Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Caramel Frosting are my personal favorite. Firstly, I love anything Pumpkin, though I think the pumpkin craze has gone a bit too far, like Pumpkin Spice Spam, really? That just does not sound appetizing to me, at all. Or pumpkin dog chow? Are dogs really into pumpkin like us humans are? Or how about a…... view full recipe

Fresh pineapple cut into slices and wedges

Pineapple Casserole

I received this recipe from a fellow innkeeper a number of years ago when they brought it to a potluck I was hosting at the Lodge. It was such a huge hit that several of us asked for the recipe. It is an excellent accompaniment to ham and I have been making it every time I make ham ever since, and several of my family members have also asked for the recipe. From the ingredients…... view full recipe

Peppermint Tea Cakes

Peppermint Tea Cakes

The first cookie I typically make when I start my Christmas cookie baking for the season has been Russian Tea Cakes (aka Mexican Wedding Cakes). This year I decided to try a little bit of a twist on the traditional cookie by adding some crushed peppermint to the cookie dough, and then rolling them in crushed peppermint again. The peppermint is a perfect variation to this favorite cookie, making them a festive holiday treat! The…... view full recipe

Snow-Capped Gingersnaps

Snow-Capped Gingersnap Cookies

This recipe for my Snow-Capped Gingersnap Cookies is my most requested and popular recipe I make for the holidays. Our home was featured as one of 5 homes to be toured over the holiday season on a Woodland Park Holiday Home Tour a few years ago and I made several hundred of these cookies for the tour and I ran out after the 1st day of the tour they were such a hit. Everyone that…... view full recipe

Pumpkin Roulade

Pumpkin Roulade

This Pumpkin Roulade Recipe (also knows as a Pumpkin Roll) has been a favorite around our house and the Bed and Breakfast Inn for awhile now. Don't be afraid of a cake roll, it's actually really easy. The whole thing only takes about 30 minutes of prep time, and it bakes in 10 minutes! It's a great dessert to make a day ahead of time and the presentation is beautiful! This recipe, and 499 others…... view full recipe

Pumpkin Scones with Spiced Glaze

Pumpkin Scones with Spiced Glaze

As with my previous recipe posts, I am a huge pumpkin fan! So I will share a few of my favorite pumpkin recipes over the fall season. These Pumpkin Scones with not just one, but two glazes, included a spiced glaze, are so moist and tender. If you're a pumpkin fan, these will be your go to scone recipe! And as with any of my scone recipes, you can make these ahead of time to…... view full recipe

Square orange pumpkin bars with a crust and a dollop of whipped cream

Pumpkin Pie Bars

I make lots of pumpkin recipes from September through December, and Pumpkin Pie is always a stable over the holidays. However, there are other ways, maybe even BETTER ways, to eat pumpkin pie. These Pumpkin Pie Bars are the BEST! Whenever I make them they are gone in a flash. They can even be made ahead of time and frozen and taken out later. I also serve them as a breakfast dessert at the B&B…... view full recipe

Pumpkin-Cranberry Bread

Pumpkin Cranberry Bread

Fall is the perfect time for everything pumpkin. It seems you can find pumpkin spike everything these days, from pumpkin coffee, cereal, oatmeal, soup, yogurt, cookies, muffins, beer, and so much more. I happen to love most things pumpkin, and this Pumpkin Cranberry Bread is one of my favorites. I've been making this recipe for years, long before pumpkin was a craze. It's the moistest pumpkin bread you'll every try! One bite and you will…... view full recipe

Peaches Supreme

Peaches Supreme

I absolutely LOVE peaches! And I get several bushels of them from White Orchards in Palisade, Colorado every summer and go to town eating tons of them, sharing them with friends and family, serving them to guests at our Bed and Breakfast Lodge, and canning them. This is a favorite fruit dish I serve at the B&B. Enjoy! This recipe, and 499 others can be found in our cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins MORE…... view full recipe

Peach Cheesecake

Peach Cheesecake

Late summer brings us lots of Palisade peaches from the western slope of Colorado, and they are THE BEST peaches we have ever had! We get several bushels of them each summer. We eat as much as we can, serve them lots of ways to our guests at our Colorado Bed and Breakfast Inn, and can them. I try to find new ways to serve them each year. We serve a 3-course gourmet breakfast for…... view full recipe

Mango Peach Salsa

Mango Peach Salsa

Around the middle of August every year we start getting shipments of peaches from a Colorado Orchard in Palisade, and it's one of my favorite times of year. I just LOVE the fresh peaches that come from the orchard, they are absolutely the best. Not to bash the peach state of Georgia, and I've had Georgia peaches a few times when I've been out there visiting family, and though Georgia peaches are good, these are…... view full recipe

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

What's more American than Apple Pie? I typically make Apple Pie for 4th of July and always for holidays as it's a family favorite. I have numerous Apple Pie recipes, but this is the recipe for Traditional Apple Pie. And you can find the Pie Crust recipe on our recipe pages as well. [caption id="attachment_2800" align="aligncenter" width="584"] Apple Pie[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2798" align="aligncenter" width="584"] Apple Pie[/caption]  ... view full recipe

Flaky Baked Pie Crust

Grandma Tillie’s Pie Crust

There is nothing more melt in your mouth than a homemade Pie Crust. I had a love-hate relationship with homemade pie crust for years until I got my husband's Grandma Tillie's Pie Crust recipe. We  went to visit her one time and she taught me how to make her pie crust, and my hubby's favorite pie, her signature Elderberry Pie (recipe can be found in our cookbook Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins MORE Favorite Recipes).…... view full recipe

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

This decadent chocolate fudge cake is for serious chocolate lovers only! The rich chocolate cake and dark chocolate ganache is nearly sinful! Enjoy! ... view full recipe

Potato Cheese Soup

Potato Cheese Soup

I have been making this soup for my family since the kids were little and of all the soups I make, this is the family's favorite. It's a nice hearty soup, and wonderful during these cold winter months. It's wonderful served with our Beer Bread. The recipe for this soup and the Beer Bread can be found in our cookbook, Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins MORE Favorite Recipes. Enjoy!... view full recipe

Pumpkin Ravioli with Butter Sage Sauce

Pumpkin Ravioli with Butter Sage Sauce

Who doesn't love pasta and pumpkin? This recipe for Pumpkin Ravioli with Butter Sage Sauce is a delicious recipe that will have everyone wanting seconds. Enjoy!... view full recipe

Frog Eye Salad

Frog Eye Salad

My aunt used to make this Frog Eye Salad all the time for family gatherings and it became a family favorite and we make it all the time for our large family gatherings. It makes a LOT so it's perfect for pot lucks or BBQ's or other get-togethers where there will be a lot of people. When my kids were younger they thought it was actual "Frog's Eyes" and were afraid to try it. So…... view full recipe

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade Punch

Summertime is the best time for a cold refreshing beverage. And nothing is more refreshing that lemonade. But it's fun to change it up and adding the raspberry makes it a really pretty punch as well. I also make an ice ring for this Raspberry Lemonade Punch.  For more recipes like this one, you can purchase our Cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins MORE Favorite Recipes". It contains 500 recipes, and also includes an e-book…... view full recipe

Scrambled Eggs Benedict in Puff Pastry Shells

Scrambled Eggs Benedict in Puff Pastry Shells

Not everyone likes a soft yolk egg, so I came up with this recipe using Scrambled Eggs in the Eggs Benedict and the guests at the Bed and Breakfast Inn have loved it! It's easy and quick and can be made in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.... view full recipe

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Early summer brings a harvest of strawberries galore! There's nothing more comforting than old-fashioned Strawberry Shortcake. I'm not talking about the sponge cakes you get at the grocery store, I'm talking about the biscuit-type shortbread with juicy flavorful strawberries, and freshly whipped cream. I've been making this strawberry shortbread recipe for over 30 years and everyone loves it, and now my daughter makes it for her family as well. If you haven't had the traditional…... view full recipe

Blueberry Strata

Blueberry Strata

This Blueberry Strata is a great, hearty dish, also known as Blueberry Cheese Strata, is perfect for cold mornings, and it's a make ahead dish that can be made the night before, refrigerated overnight, and baked in the morning, a great time saver!  The blueberries in the strata, and the syrup, can be changed to any fruit you would like, such as raspberries, peaches, or strawberries, for example. The syrup is also delicious served over…... view full recipe

Mango Melon Soup

Mango Melon Soup

I found this recipe in a Bed and Breakfast cookbook a number of years ago and have been making it for our guests for several years now and it's always a huge hit. I call it "Mango Melon Soup" as I serve it as a fruit course, one of 3 courses we serve for breakfast each morning at the B&B, but is also a Mango Melon Smoothie as well. This is one of my hubby's…... view full recipe

Buttery cookies with chocolate chips and a cookie jar in the background

Granny’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?! When I got married I made chocolate chip cookies for my new husband after finding out chocolate chip cookies were his favorite cookie. I used the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag and his response was "they're not my Mom's chocolate chip cookie". Of course, my feelings were hurt and I didn't make him chocolate chip cookies for a while. I eventually asked his Mom for…... view full recipe