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Waldo Canyon Fire Colorado Springs and Cascade

Are you ever really ready for a fire when it threatens your home? We live in Cascade, Colorado, a beautiful sleepy town in the mountains at Pikes Peak, just 6 miles west of Colorado Springs. There are dozens of hiking trails and stunning views here, but when you live in the mountains there’s always a threat of fire.

Yesterday we were brought to a rude awakening when a major forest fire broke out just a few miles from our home in Waldo Canyon near Colorado Springs and quickly burned the forest around us. Within a few short hours we were evacuated from our home and are praying for the safety of all of our neighbors and the firefighters and crew working to save our homes and neighborhoods. It was a terrifying sight to see flames coming over the crest of the mountains right behind your home.

You have just a short time to gather together the most important things to you, and hope you got it all. My husband and I quickly grabbed our photo albums, photos from the walls, our fire box with important documents and paperwork, some of our office things, some clothes, and our dog Tizzy; we took some pictures of the rooms in our home to try to document as much as we could, and realized we weren’t as prepared as we could (and should) have been. As I’m sitting at my daughter’s house watching the news I think of other things that I forgot and remind myself that we are safe and those are just things and that we have our lives. If we lose our home and everything in it we will be sad, but we are alive and well and that’s truly the most important thing.

Here is a picture taken from our daughter’s house in Colorado Springs. We are located on the other side of the ridge behind the fire from this view.

Here’s a video that my husband took from our house shortly before we evacuated.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and think about an action plan you can put into place in a matter of minutes if you are ever in danger of having to evacuate at a moment’s notice.

8 thoughts on “Waldo Canyon Fire Colorado Springs and Cascade

  1. Im so sorry this is happening to you guys, and many others. I will continue praying diligently for this situation. It would be devastating to see your beautiful property go 🙁

  2. you are in our prayers !
    Rather it is fire , flood , wind or anything else… it is so hard to watch anyone loose everything they own, but you are right … the the Grace of God you and your love ones are alive and that is the most important thing.
    We recently went through a flood here back last Aug. and at this time our towns are still struggling to get back on their feet. It'll come back bigger and better and so many are reaching out to help. I beleive the same will happen for all of you there.
    God be with you !

  3. What a very scary time for you. It's such a blessing that you are both safe and were able to grab at least a few memories. Our thoughts are with you! – Michelle Freeman

  4. I thought of you guys immediately when I saw Colorado Springs was on fire. We stayed in the cabin a few years back. Actually we were the first to stay there after you installed the hot tub on the porch so we got to be the first to use it. I'm praying that your beautiful house and our fav cabin survives this horrible fire!

  5. I thought of you guys immediately when I heard Colorado Springs was on fire. We stayed in the cabin awhile back right after you installed the hot tub on the porch. We got to be the first to use it. I'm praying that your beautiful house and our fav cabin survive this horrible fire!

  6. So glad to know you are all well and safe. And so happy to see that, so far, your home and beautiful lodge are unharmed. Your B&B was the first place I thought of when the fire broke out. Have been praying for you all. Blessings, Dan and Carol Myers

  7. Debbie and Family,
    Our prayers are continuing to be for you and with you, your family and the other people in the Springs and up Ute Pass as the firemen battle this horrible fire. I don't know why it took so long for me to go to your web site to find out how you are and how your lovely B&B has fared, where we stayed a number of years ago around Christmas time. I so hope your home was spared! God's blessings!
    Cynthy and Fred Barnes, Glendora, CA

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