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Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Visits Colorado Springs

Yesterday Presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited Colorado Springs and toured the Pikes Peak area and Care and Share. He encouraged people that the best way they can help in our area is to come back to Colorado Springs and visit, and that it’s STILL beautiful here. Here is a snippet of some of what he said to help bring tourism back to Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Cascade, Woodland Park, Pikes Peak, and really, the entire state of Colorado…

People around the country are wondering what can they do because we’ve all watched what’s happened here with horror as we’ve seen the flames and the homes lost and the stories of loss of life. People in the immediate community, of course, can bring in canned goods. But what can people do that are from Boston and New York and Chicago? Well, you can come to Colorado and vacation this summer. What’s happening is people are staying away because they think the whole area has been burned out. It’s not. It’s beautiful as it’s always been and tourists need to come back … or else the suffering from this fire will be more severe than it needs to be.” Mitt Romney on July 10, 2012

So, with that said, COME VISIT US HERE in Colorado Springs, and stay with us here at the Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins. We STILL live in the beautiful mountains and STILL have majestic mountain views. And all of the area attractions, restaurants, shops, museums and more are all open for business. Check out our Packages and we can help plan your Colorado Adventure Tour. The Pikes Peak area has a lot to offer, and the weather’s nice and cool, 67 degrees as I’m writing this at 11:00am.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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