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Is it safe to travel with the Covid-19 Coronavirus?

Blue House with red and blue wording saying Stay Safe, Stay Small, Stay Inn at Rocky Mountain LodgeThe time we are living in right now, in the year 2020, can be a very scary and unsettling time. Because of the world-wide pandemic of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, all of our lives have been turned upside down. Many of us have lost our jobs, are working from home, have loved ones or friends that may have become sick or have even passed away during this time. We have been quarantined and lost many of the the simple pleasures and privileges we take for granted each and every day. We can’t go out to a restaurant, to a park, to a movie theater, meet with our friends and family, or to church.

As I write this post I myself have been quarantined for 2 1/2 months. I am one of those people that has an “underlying condition”, asthma, and it can be dangerous for me if I get this virus. I can’t tell you (or actually you probably CAN relate) how difficult it has been to not see my children, my grandchildren, and my friends. We are all going stir crazy, and I emphasize “crazy“, or at lease we feel like we’re going crazy.

These are scary times because most of us have never experienced living through anything like this before, where we feel many of our freedoms and liberties have been taken away from us. We desperately want to be “normal”. But normal may not be the same as what it was for a long, long time to come, and if we look at it realistically, maybe not for a couple of years down the road. So what do we do in the meantime, what can we do?

We can embrace the good at what we have. Rather than focusing on the negatives, let’s try to look at the good we have. Kind of like making lemonade out of lemons.

My husband has reminded me during times of sadness for a child that is no longer in my life, to “embrace what we DO have”. This has helped me with my perspective of not falling into depression or being sad, though I do have moments or days of sadness here or there, I’m not hung up for long periods of time dwelling on the negative. I CHOOSE to look around and see what is GOOD.

So what does all of this have to do with “Is it safe to travel”? I’ll tell you…

As an owner of a vacation rental property in the travel industry, here is how WE handle the situation….

We want you to know that as a small property, it is much easier for US to keep a clean, healthy, sanitized, safe environment for our guests. Think of the little guys, the Mom and Pops, that don’t have hundreds of rooms, and the maids are literally given 30 minutes to service and clean a room entirely. We are small, and therefore, have much less rooms, and take more time and care to treat our rooms. For example, our Cascade Luxury Suite sleeps 2 people, and it takes us 2 1/2 – 3 hours to clean this one room after our guests check out. That’s because we take more time and pay more attention to details than the big guys do. We change our bed coverings (meaning comforters and quilts after each guest checks out. You won’t use the same blanket a previous guest has used. We wipe down every surface after every guest checks out. We were doing this before this virus hit, but are paying even more attention to things like where a guest (you) might touch, or sneeze, or cough onto. Every single one of those surfaces are wiped down and disinfected after every single guest checks out. 

Small properties like Bed and Breakfasts, Small Inns, Individual Vacation Rental Homes, Cabins, Cottages, and similar lodging facilities are (or should be) treating all of their units in this manner.

If you have a concern, ask the proprietor how they are dealing with the health risks posed by Covid-19. How are they cleaning after each guest? What precautions are they taking? Don’t be afraid to ask, they will be happy to share with you what they are doing to help keep you safe and healthy while staying with them.

If you are concerned about flying right now, then take a vacation to a place within driving distance. Stay at a place or two along the way to your destination.

Pack your picnic foods for along the way. Restaurants in our area are offering take out or curb side pick ups, so you can order food and eat outside. And some restaurants may be opening soon with lesser seating capacities.

At our facilities, we have a small kitchenette area where you can eat inside, and even reheat some leftovers or food you may bring with you. We have a small refrigerator and freezer, a microwave, sink, dishes, and dining table. We have outside dining with picnic tables to eat at. And you can even use the BBQ to grill your own food. Since we only have the one unit, there will be no one around (other than us that you may see on occasion) that you will have to worry coming in contact with. It’s the perfect place for getaway after being quarantined and isolated.

The bottom line is, look for smaller facilities that you can feel safer at, those Mom and Pop places that can also really use your support as well. They (we) are ready and more than willing to take excellent care of you. Support those small businesses. Our motto, as many small properties is currently “Stay Safe, Stay Small, Stay Inn“.

For us, we have been closed with no income since the middle of March, and like many of you, are eager to “get back to work”. So support small businesses and “Stay Safe, Stay Small, and Stay Inn” and Book Direct at Rocky Mountain Lodge!


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