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The Manitou Springs Incline

One of the most popular attractions in the area is Manitou Springs Incline. With 2,744 steps it is well known amongst the locals as one of the best hikes to get in shape and challenge your hiking abilities.

Manitou Spring Incline at Sunrise

Picture courtesy @alpenglory

This popular but strenuous hike is not for the faint of heart. It climbs over 2,000 vertical feet in less than a mile and sections as steep as 68% grade. Don’t forget to watch your step; they range in size and height to keep you on–or knock you off–your toes. At the summit, the Incline Trail connects to Barr Trail, which offers a steep but scenic 3-mile path back down to the base. Downhill use of the Incline is strongly discouraged (can you imagine tripping down 2,744 steps?). 

Our son went to Manitou Springs High School and played soccer and their team used to run up and down the incline as training.

This incredible hike is free to use, and open year round, but please consider making a donation to Incline Friends to help keep the incline in good condition for years to come. As the number of climbers at a time is limited, reservations are required and can be made by clicking this link.

  • Reservations are available 6 a.m.–6 p.m., daily
  • You can reserve more than one slot at a time, however, please only reserve days and times you plan to use. You may also reserve a time slot for another user, but please limit group reservations to four hikers per time slot.
  • Up to 35 reservations are available for each 30-minute time slot.  After August 21, the capacity will be increased to 45 people every 30 minutes.
  • Local businesses in Manitou Springs are offering a variety of discounts to those wearing the Incline wristband.

Parking at the base of the Incline is not free, though the FREE Rt. 33 shuttle runs from downtown Manitou Springs to the base of the trail (and if you work up an appetite it will drop you off downtown to grab drinks or a bite to eat on your way back!).

We are located just 10 minutes from the Incline, so BOOK A STAY in our Cascade Luxury Suite and come relax at the Lodge and soak in the outdoor hot tub, or the jetted tub for two, and enjoy a glass of wine and curl up by the fireplace after a good hard hike.

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