Yellow lemon Martini in clear glasses with lemons

Lemon Drop Martini

I don't drink much, especially at home, but when we go to a restaurant I like to have a drink or two. Lemon Drop Martinis are one of my go to drinks. I love the sweet and sour and citrus from this drink. I tried lots of different variations trying to fine my favorite and this is the one that I have come up with. Enjoy! *Note: You will need simple syrup for this martini.…... view full recipe

Green Martini with whipped cream topping and chocolate shavings in a clear martini glass

Bailey’s Mint Martini

What can you drink on St. Patrick's Day if you don't like Guinness or beer? That would be me, I'm not a beer fan. But I do like martinis! So this Bailey's Mint Martini is my drink of choice (either that or some Jameson Whiskey) on St. Patrick's Day. It's easy to whip up and you'll love it! 500 recipes like this one can be found in our cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins' MORE…... view full recipe

Margaritas with Lime, Chips and Salsa


Who doesn't love Margaritas?! I sure do! But I hate it when you go to a restaurant and order a margarita and it just takes like lime juice or sweet and sour mix. I want some punch in my Margaritas! We go to Mexico frequently and they have the best Margaritas, no matter where we go! I spent a lot of time trying different concoctions of Margarita mixes and Tequila and have learned that you…... view full recipe

Glasses of red watermelon and lemon slush with lemons, watermelon and lemons, with green and white striped straws

Lemon Watermelon Cooler

Summer months are hot! And it's so nice to have something cool and refreshing to drink. Lemonade and Watermelon are two summer staples, so why not combine them? Here's a super easy recipe to combine the two for a delicious summertime refresher. And if you want, you can add some sparkling water, seltzer water, or even spike it up a bit for the adults and add some white rum. We have gone to Manitou Springs…... view full recipe

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade Punch

Summertime is the best time for a cold refreshing beverage. And nothing is more refreshing that lemonade. But it's fun to change it up and adding the raspberry makes it a really pretty punch as well. I also make an ice ring for this Raspberry Lemonade Punch.  This recipe, and 499 others, can be found in our cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins' MORE Favorites Recipes" which can be purchased at our Gift Shop. And…... view full recipe