layered strawberry dessert with a pretzel crumb crust, cream filling, and red strawberry jello toppiing

Strawberry Pretzel Salad

This Strawberry Pretzel Salad, also known as Strawberry Pretzel Dessert is a delightful dessert (or salad) during the hot summer months, as well as for a Bridal Shower, Birthday Party, or Holiday Dessert. The sweet and saltiness from the pretzel crust give it a different twist instead of traditional graham cracker crust. It takes a little time to make so make sure you plan ahead. It really doesn't take a lot of "time" preparing, but…... view full recipe

chicken salad with pineapple, green onions, celery, and toasted almonds in a creamy dressing on a bed of green lettuce

Polynesian Chicken Salad

This Polynesian Chicken Salad is a refreshing light lunch or dinner, especially during hot summer months. You can also used canned chicken to save time not have to heat up your kitchen at all while cooking. Or buy one of those rotisserie chickens at the grocery store. You can substitute the Greek Yogurt with sour cream as well. This recipe is also good in a salad, especially on some sliced croissants. LEARN TO MAKE THIS…... view full recipe

Irish Flag Salad with spinach, pear slices, mandarin oranges, feta cheese and pistachios

Irish Flag Salad

This refreshing Irish Flag Salad, with spinach, pears, oranges, Feta cheese, and pistachios brings together the green, white and orange colors of the flag of Ireland. Not only is it pretty, but tastes delicious too! 500 recipes like this one can be found in our cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins' MORE Favorites Recipes" which can be purchased at our Gift Shop. And if you're looking for a Colorado getaway, check out our Cascade Luxury…... view full recipe

Honey Mustard Sauce and Dressing

Honey Mustard Sauce and Dressing

Honey Mustard has become very popular over the past decade or so. It's a perfect salad dressing and dip for chicken. It's easy to make and much cheaper than buying it in the, and better than those "packets" you get at the fast food restaurants. You can also tweak on the ingredients to change it up. Enjoy! 500 recipes like this one can be found in our cookbook "Rocky Mountain Lodge & Cabins' MORE Favorites…... view full recipe

A salad of greens, sliced red stawberries, candied nuts, white shredded cheese and drizzled with a red vinaigrette

Strawberry Spinach Salad

This salad is perfect for those summer BBQs if you want something a little more healthy, or as a light, cool, refreshing lunch or dinner on hot summer days or nights. The Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing and Cinnamon Glazed Pecans really makes this an extra special salad. CLICK HERE to find the recipe for the Cinnamon Glazed Pecans. LEARN HOW TO MAKE THIS STRAWBERRY SPINACH SALAD ON OUR YOUTUBE VIDEO DEMONSTRATION HERE (along with the Raspberry…... view full recipe

Chicken Salad with sliced applies

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is one of those great dishes that becomes a staple for a summer salad or sandwich. There is such a variety of ways you can serve this salad. Serve it over a bed of bib lettuce as a refreshing summer salad, or even a fairly healthy main entree, serve it in some whole grain bread for a sandwich, or serve it on mini croissants for a fancier sandwich and served at a tea…... view full recipe

Frog Eye Salad with mini pasta rounds, pineapple, mandarin oranges, and whipped cream

Frog Eye Salad

My aunt used to make this Frog Eye Salad all the time for family gatherings and it became a family favorite and we make it all the time for our large family gatherings. It makes a LOT so it's perfect for pot lucks or BBQ's or other get-togethers where there will be a lot of people. When my kids were younger they thought it was actual "Frog's Eyes" and were afraid to try it. So…... view full recipe